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Alternative Wedding Photography For Rockstars by Lorna Lovecraft


Rockstars love music above all else (well, except for each other of course). You turn your guitar up to eleven and party all night long. You might have tattoos, bright coloured hair, maybe piercings, and definitely have a style all of your own. You live life LOUD and enjoy driving limousines into swimming pools on weekends.

Alternative Wedding Photography For Time Travellers by Lorna Lovecraft


It’s all about bow ties and a nice pair of specs. The perfect weekend is cuddling up with a Dr Who, Sherlock or Spaced marathon. The original Star Wars trilogy gives you goosebumps, the new prequels make your blood boil. Computer games are mega important and deserve your time and care, just like your VW camper on the drive.

Alternative Wedding Photography For Misfits by Lorna Lovecraft


You are truly one-of-a-kinds and were made for each other. You complete each other. You are wedding rebels, determined to have your day YOUR way. You want to dance your backsides off and have the best time ever. You are going to huge efforts to make sure your wedding day reflects you both perfectly and you are looking for some alternative wedding photography to remember it all in years to come.

Alternative Wedding Photography

Alternative Wedding PhotographerAlternative Wedding

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I really can’t recommend Lorna highly enough. She is wonderfully creative, original and an all round lovely human being!! Don’t think twice about her, she’s your girl!!
Anna Devlin
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Say NO to cheap crappy prints of rocks from a Swedish furniture store. It’s time to bring down those posters you bought when you were a teenager. No more wishy washy landscapes or bland cityscapes in shitty clip frames. It's time to get bold, up close and personal with your living space. Let's make wedding day art!

Viva la revolution!

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Many kick-ass blogs, websites and magazines have been mad enough to feature my alternative wedding photography. I've had quite a few run away screaming too, but that's fine. I'm not for everyone and I like it that way.